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Nas tells court he can’t afford payments to Kelis

Written By: krazy on May 6, 2010 No Comment


As I stated before there was no way in hell Nas was pulling in $152,000 dollars a month. He’s not on tour, he doesn’t have records blowing up on the radio, he’s not selling a substantial amount of records—–all Nas has is a record deal. He hasn’t delivered those albums and he hasn’t recouped the money. I don’t know what the judge was smoking when she set that ridiculous order. Anyway, Nas and his lawyer are fighting the order saying  he can’t afford to pay Kelis the child and spousal support ordered by the court. A court ordered Nas last month to pay more than $87,000 in back spousal and child support. The judge also ordered Nas to pay Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support to stay current. It’s unclear how much Nas is required to pay in monthly child support.

Nas says in the new legal docs obtained by TMZ the judge predicated the order on Nas making $152,031 a month, but the rapper says he makes “substantially less than that amount.”

Nas’ lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking the judge to take another look at the damage to Nas’ wallet. source


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